Some news


We are now over the half of the DXpedition, and reach close to 30000 QSO.
Operators start to be tired, but all are still in good mood.






14 march news

Yesterday was a good day, propagation got back , after an awful night before.
We changed our low bands RX antenna for the third time. We were able to work more station on 160 and 80, but still very difficult for JA/pacific.
FT8 worked very well on 40, people seem to finally understand DXpedition mode.
Pile up are very difficult because of general indiscipline, it seems we hear much better than the persons who call us. So please listen to the operators instructions before calling, and give always your full call. You will be served much faster.

See you in the pile-up


Daily news

Yesterday, the wind blowed our 20m and 160m antennas. We could fix it quickly.

We achieve nice rates every day, it’s positive for us.
The best bands are 17 and 20m , openings on 12 and 10 are very short in the afternoon, and again shortly before sunset to south america.

Lowbands are very difficult, working greyline and sunset is like impossible, we have very loud noise and quasi no reception. We changed 2 times the beverages and will try another solution tonight.

Night propagation is awful. From 2AM to sunrise, the bands are like dead. We hear nothing from nowhere on the whole bands. even our neighbour TN5R and his pileup was ureadable.
This morning we tried FT8 on 80 and 20m, it was the only possibility to make some QSOs with very weak signals, so this may happen in the next days more often. (please use Hound configuration in DXpedition mode or you won’t be decoded)




Usual photo

Yesterday we did the traditional photo.  Our friend and local support Nicolas TY2AC visited us , so it was the right moment for the photo. Temperature was about 35°C with hight humidity.


Quelques photos


Aujourd’hui l’équipe a changé les beverages de place pour la 3ème fois…

Ils espèrent que ce soir cela fonctionnera sur 160, il y a des orages le soir et beaucoup de statiques que nous n’avions pas l’an dernier en Cote d’Ivoire pour TU7C

A 18 heures plus de 13000 qso sur le log

Merci a tous

quelques photos de ce dimanche

10000 qso pour TY7C


Ce matin a 6 heures 10000 qso dans les logs

Bravo a l’équipe et merci a tous

Quelques soucis de réception sur 160 mètres  avec les Beverages On the Ground, mais notre KOPain PATRICK F2DX  a été contacté et a donné des astuces pour les BOG’S en réception pour la Top Bande

Quelques KOPains sont malades, mais tout est ok….

Ils seront certainement sur 12 mètres dans la journée, le 10 mètres est compliqué….

Un des trx est en panne, il ne reste plus que 3 stations  cw  ssb et rtty psk ft8

Merci a tous pour votre collaboration a la réussite de TY7C