TY7C and FT8

We know many people don’t like this mode,
we know DXpedition mode is in Beta version,
but we also know that many people request this mode, as we get many mails about it.
Fact is that FT8 is a weak signal mode (not a low power mode as many think), It’s possible for us to  detect band openings very early. So it’s maybe better for you to make a QSO with us (yes, there is an operator at the PC !) than to listen to a beacon and we don’t get the information we are heard.
As far as signals and pile-up grows up, we switch to CW or SSB. This is a traffic strategy.

We know Wsjt-x with DXped mode is buggy, but we know it handles pile-up well. Most of the problems we see comes from the hounds, who did not read instructions or setup their PC the right way. We also know that our PC clocks drift very fast due to temperature, so we adjust by hand often. Remember we don’t have internet everywhere and must go out to connect to the network.

Thanks for reading and enjoy contacting us in the mode you prefer.
We are still here till tomorrow.




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