FT8 logs

We stil have to upload a few hundreds of FT8 QSO.
We will do it as soon as possible. we had an issue on one of the PCs, the logs are not lost, but we cannot upload for the momnt.
Thanks for your patience.


Last night

TY7C page turns,

The last night is very difficult.
Beside that the all team is tired, that we are eaten by mosquitos, that we are sitting in the middle of a thunderstorm,that there is a SSB/CW contest on one side and a RTTY contest on the other side, we are still sitting here and calling CQ.

In few hours, we will slow down our activity, starting to unmount the low bands antennas, then the hi bands antennas.
We will continue to be active in the morning.
In the afternoon, all has to be packed and ready to load in the Taxi which will  bring us to the airport.

At the time writing these line, the exact QSO count is not known, we expect to achieve 40k, which is not bad for a small team, in a not so good ranked DXCC and in a low solar activity. We still have to load a  bunch of FT8 QSO,  which will be done probably on monday

We just want to thank all for the fun you gave to us and for the nice pile-ups.

After coming home, the DXedition is still not finished, we still have to reply to all mails we can’t read here, correct the logs and give them to the QSL manager, design the cards, write reports, post some photos here, make the DXpeditin video , ….

The biggest still open question is:

Where do we go next ?


TY7C and FT8

We know many people don’t like this mode,
we know DXpedition mode is in Beta version,
but we also know that many people request this mode, as we get many mails about it.
Fact is that FT8 is a weak signal mode (not a low power mode as many think), It’s possible for us to  detect band openings very early. So it’s maybe better for you to make a QSO with us (yes, there is an operator at the PC !) than to listen to a beacon and we don’t get the information we are heard.
As far as signals and pile-up grows up, we switch to CW or SSB. This is a traffic strategy.

We know Wsjt-x with DXped mode is buggy, but we know it handles pile-up well. Most of the problems we see comes from the hounds, who did not read instructions or setup their PC the right way. We also know that our PC clocks drift very fast due to temperature, so we adjust by hand often. Remember we don’t have internet everywhere and must go out to connect to the network.

Thanks for reading and enjoy contacting us in the mode you prefer.
We are still here till tomorrow.



friday news

Today may be a hard day,
This morning an amplifier made some problems, we were able to fix it. After close to 1 million QSO it may happen.

More difficult is the presence of more african DXpeditions this week, we have issues with finding a clear frequency for calling and listening split. The worst is 12m, where the band is very small.

We also see that FT8 DXpedition mode is understood by most, and shows it was the right choice even it’s still in beta status.

We still have 2 days of pile-up for you.